everglades restoration

Everglades Restoration Funding Approved

We just received some AMAZING news for the Everglades! The Federal Highway Administration announced today that they will be granting $60 million to Everglades National Park to complete the work required on the Tamiami Trail to allow water to flow into the park.

Additionally, the State of Florida, our partner in Everglades Restoration, has also committed $43.5 million. These combined funds will be used to raise and finish construction on the remaining 6.5 miles of eastern Tamiami Trail roadway.

Tamiami Trail, a historic roadway connecting Tampa and Miami, has long been recognized as a barrier that restricts water flows into Everglades National Park. Thanks to this funding, the additional water brought south into the park will more closely mimic the original conditions found in the
Everglades before we started draining and re-directing water.

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